Inspiring the
World to Play →
Player’s First

Joining such a large company was a whole new approach to my design career; scattered teams between different timezones, leading multiple projects for different brand audiences, and picking up a PlayStation after a few years (I miss the old days) was amazing.

The projects I worked on for my time at EA were Madden 17, Madden 18, Madden Mobile, Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1, NBA LIVE 18, NBA Mobile, and contributions to the Network Design System (NDS).

Electronic Arts
Tom Brady

Madden Like You’ve
Never Seen It →
Brand New Year

With Tom Brady as your cover athlete, an all new story mode, and the Frostbite engine with it’s best graphics for Madden 18 – it’s been a crazy ride. Working with great photographers, developers, and marketing teams – this was the best Madden yet.

Madden 18
Player Ratings Data

Dominate the game like never before. Re-working a whole new ratings hub, I worked together exclusively with the development team to re-work the Player Ratings Database. More to come on that.

Titanfall 2

Explore the Unique,
Dynamic Relationship Between
Pilot and Titan →
Hit the Frontier

Fight for freedom in this epic Titan adventure, as man and machine collide. The Titanfall 2 title needed a website refresh with new content being served up fast, and the game being an epic success – I was tasked with creating a new digital experience, putting it in our CMS, and launching it with our team. All in two weeks.

Titanfall 2
Battlefield 1

Dawn of
All-Out War →
War on an Epic Scale

Hail to the king. Battlefield 1 finally took over Call of Duty, and we’re still feeling a rush from it. With epic visuals, amazing gameplay, and all-out mayhem; no wonder it was nominated for so many awards. With expansion packs coming out left and right, our team couldn’t wait to work on screenshots and pack art. Keep checking the site for updates!

Battlefield 1
Network Design System

Network Design System

A Brand Language

You won’t find it spoken much outside of EA’s walls, but it ties the company’s digital team together. I by no means started the NDS, but I am a part of the digital team that uses it every day for multiple brands, and contributes to this language system.

Much like Brad Frost’s Atomic Design idea, or Google’s Material Design; EA uses a system of elements, components, patterns, and templates, to organize our franchise under one umbrella. It’s our job to maintain these components, think of new impoving ideas, but make each franchise feel unique.