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Interface Design. Art Direction. Front-end Development.

Iterative design, a cyclic process of refining a product, or project. Something I strive for in my work, process is a word I like to hold true to. Sometimes I like to work function first, spending weeks of research to form an informed approach – other methods I have days to deliver a whole project on the spot, design and prototyped.


There’s not much social presence to find of me on the Internet, but then again that’s the type of person I am. Keeping up with best practices is an exciting hobby, experimenting with new possibilities – definitely. I’ll be posting my findings in the near future, but first I’m defining just exactly my medium.

  • Interface Design
  • Art Direction
  • Information Architecture
  • User Experience
  • Prototyping
  • Front-end Development
  • CSS
  • HTML
Rob Dozier
Electronic Arts

Who doesn’t have a joy for kicking back on the couch at work playing your favorite games? Right now, I’m focusing on new strategies for top tier franchises like Battlefield 1, Madden 18, Titanfall 2, NBA LIVE (yes we’re back), and many more secrets.

Purple Rock Scissors
Purple Rock Scissors
Apr 2011 – Nov 2015
prpl.rs →

The family at PRPL shaped me into who I am today. For close to 5 years I worked on UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, and Front-end Development. Companies I personally worked with include Facebook, LinkedIn, Cisco, LIM College, Davidoff, and Florida Hospital.

Various Freelance
2010 – Current